Alfred Adler Institute of Northwestern Washngton

Classical Adlerian Guidelines
for Educating the Child

Developed by Henry T. Stein, Ph.D.
Based on the Original Concepts of Anthony Bruck

DEVELOPING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD THE SELF Promote self-confidence, by expressing faith in improvement. Do not intimidate, or create self-doubt through criticism.
Stimulate independence by offering freedom and opportunity. Do not foster dependence by demonstrating your own superiority.
Encourage self-demand and creativity by setting an example. Do not model or promote self-indulgence.
Model and encourage acceptance of self and one's gender.Do not demonstrate or suggest rejection of self and one's gender.
DEVELOPING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD DIFFICULTIES Foster a striving to overcome obstacles, to build courage and confidence by undertaking reasonable challenges. Do not discourage by making impossibly high demands, or making life too easy.
Permit and support initiative. Do not make child into a puppet.
Advocate and demonstrate perseverance and thoroughness. Do not illustrate and reinforce impatience and sloppy work.
Inspire a feeling of caring for all of mankind. Do not fill the child with indifference and prejudice.
Engender cooperation and the willingness to do one's share. Do not demonstrate and provoke rivalry & harmful competition.
Teach child to be undemanding of others. Do not create climate of self-centered entitlement.
Help child become satisfied with his fair share, with enough. Do not condone greed and selfishness.
Demonstrate and encourage helpfulness to others. Do not be an example of exploitation and tyranny.
Show the child the appeal of being a giving person. Do not sow the seeds for the child to become a taking person.
DEVELOPING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD THE OTHER SEX Generate a deep appreciation for the other sex. Do not, by word or action, depreciate the other sex.
Facilitate a full understanding of and closeness to the other sex. Do not create ignorance or distance.
Promote a warmth, trust and friendliness. Do not spawn hostility and mistrust.

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