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An Interview With Sophia de Vries

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Highlights of Her 47 Years of Practicing Adlerian Psychology, Including Recollections of: Charlotte Bühler - Rudolf Dreikurs - August Eichorn - Martha Holub - Ludwig Klages - Fritz Künkel - Ida Loewy - Maria Montessori - Alexander Müller - Edward Schneider - Lydia Sicher - Blanche Weill

Sophia De Vries Interviewed by Henry Stein, on May 20, 1980, in San Francisco

Copyright 1996, Henry T. Stein, Ph.D., Reproduction Prohibited Without Permission


  • Education in Holland Working with difficult children,
  • Discovering Adler's ideas through Fritz Künkel,
  • Künkel popularized Adlerian ideas,
  • Started studying Adlerian psychology in 1934,
  • Lydia Sicher, faithful defender of Adlerian Psychology,
  • Adler's conflict with Freud,
  • Neo-Freudians now closer to Adler
  • Summer lectures with Sicher
  • Study analysis with Sicher
  • Friendship and supervision with Alexander Müller
  • Teaching Adlerian Psychology in Holland
  • Müller very philosophical
  • Ortega y Gasset similar to Adler
  • Existentialism
  • Visit with Müller in Zurich
  • For original Adlerians, helping people came first, not making money
  • Much of Müller's and some of Sicher's work not yet translated
  • Studying with Charlotte Bühler at her clinic
  • Bühler-Hetzer developmental test for children
  • Adlerian child guidance clinics
  • Ida Loewy and Martha Holub
  • Ida Loewy's work with children
  • Children brought other children to clinics
  • Adler's lectures in Holland for professionals
  • Following Adler around Europe
  • Exposure to Freudian ideas
  • Freudian lecturer, August Eichorn
  • Rudolf Dreikurs more rigid and strict than other Adlerians
  • Karl Bühler
  • Dutch Adlerians form a group
  • Adler's theories banned during the war
  • Adlerians practiced in secret during war
  • Fooling the Nazis
  • Dutch Adlerians active again after war
  • Adlerian programs for judges, educators, doctors, and social workers
  • Guest lectures by Adler, Jung, Klages, and others
  • Refusing oath of allegiance to Hitler
  • Jung's knowledge of history
  • Results of Jung's cases
  • Adler's ideas more practical than Jung's
  • Klages'ideas about character and handwriting
  • Comparisons of Jung and Adler
  • Professor Aldervelt
  • Adler's humor
  • First meeting with Adler
  • Adler's lecture style
  • Adler adjusted to audience
  • Adler lectured without notes
  • Sitting with Adler in coffee shops
  • Adler's phenomenal memory
  • Example of Adler's style of dealing with adversary
  • Adler's case load
  • Adler knew about his heart condition
  • Adler's casual appearance
  • Adler's secretary
  • Anecdote about Adler's lecture that upset some Freudians
  • de Vries advises Adler of his impact on audience
  • Adler apologizes to audience for jokes
  • de Vries immigration to United States in 1948
  • Practiced in Southern California
  • Moved to Oakland in 1954
  • Adlerian group in Los Angeles
  • Work at Lincoln Child Center with disturbed children
  • San Francisco Bay Area Adlerian Group
  • Edward Schneider
  • Blanche Weill
  • Maria Montessori
  • Meeting of Adler and Montessori
  • Montessori schools in the United States
  • Need for creativity
  • Photograph of Sophia de Vries
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